Here are the basic details of the swap:

Starting on Friday 1st  April we will send a postcard to the person whose name follows ours on the participants' list.  We will each then send a postcard every two weeks, one by one , to the following names on the list until we send our last one to the person directly before us. 

Each postcard will be based around the theme chosen by the recipient.  These are listed alongside all the names of participants.

The only criteria that remains a constant is the size of the postcard which has to be 6 inches x 4 inches (15cm x 10 cm).

It can be a previously printed postcard you've altered or one you've started from scratch.  It can be made of any material, i.e paper or fabric that you choose.  How you interpret the theme is entirely up to you.  You can make it a photograph, a collage, a drawing, a painting, stitch on it, print on it, even make it 3D if you want, but the base can never be larger or smaller than the size stipulated.  If it can be posted as a "stand alone" item, go for it, otherwise send it in an envelope if you feel that's safer.  The choice is yours but whatever you choose, please send it first class on the due date.