Friday, 4 November 2011

The Christmas "do"

Well its that time of year again and its time to think of whether we want a Christmas "do"
You know party frocks and smart hair.
I left a suggestion that we could do something at Christmas. I am not the worlds best organiser but I  have been looking around and we have a few menu options to choose from.

Option 1 ( The Swanky Hotel and Spa break)

We each design a card based on our own theme. We make/print out 11 identical  cards and send them though the snail mail. We set a date and receive a lovely set of cards just before the big event.

Option 2 ( The local pub for a pie and a pint)

We each design a card based on our own theme and email it to everyone. People can print out if they wish.

Option 3 ( A bag of chips and a bottle of cider at the local park)

We each design a card for our theme and post it onto the postmans knock blog for all to see.

Option 4 ( A takeaway and a glass of wine at home)

Sorry, I would love to participate but I just do not have the time.

Leave a comment and then we can decide which one to book.



Joanna said...

Lovin' the various menu options!

I don't usually do office Christmas 'do's' but I'll make an exception for this one. At least there won't be any embarrassing photocopied bums to taunt us later!

I'm a posh bird so I'm going to go for Option 1, the swanky hotel and spa break (probably the nearest I'm going to get to a swanky hotel and spa for a while!).


Jane Housham said...

ooh, I was very excited to see a post from Postman's Knock. I'm definitely on for something. I have another suggestion which is that we're allowed to bust out of our previous themes and just do Christmas cards to send to people, whatever form they may take. But I'm happy to go with whatever everyone else wants to do.

Menopausalmusing said...

What a great way of organising our "do". I'm in. I would definitely like to bust out of my theme, but would be happy to receive anything from the rest of you creative ladies.

Printed Material said...

I'm a bit of a beer and skittles type of gall so could say yes to any of the above! I will go with the flow and join in with whatever you organise Joanna. Of course there were 12 of us and we could all do one of the Twelve Days of Christmas. Forget that. I'd get those maids a milking I expect...

Jill said...

I'm certainly in - it would be nice to send and receive a card through the snail mail, but certainly could not commit to eleven elaborate constructions!

BadPenny said...

I'm sorry my lovelies but I'm not going to be around & can't comitt tho might be persusded to post one card on the Blog xx

Gina said...

I so badly want to say I'll join in but can't think beyond the next day at the moment. Wouldn't want to commit to something and then not deliver. Sorry!

marigold jam said...

I hate to be a party pooper but just at the moment I am not in the frame of mind to go a'partying at all. I might be up for it later but wouldn't want to commit to something I couldn't deliver. Love the idea though. Can I come back to you later when I see what the "do" is to be? Sorry.


Jee said...

Not sure that I can commit to anything at the moment. I'll pop back when I've got a clearer idea and see what everyone's decided.


BadPenny said...

Hi again dear postcard friends... I can't do this - so sorry - but I am launching a monthly ATC callenge from January on my blog here

all welcome.

I thought one ATC a month to reflect the calendar month then we make a nice collection over the year to keep or give away.