Sunday, 7 August 2011

Yee Ha! Ride 'em Cowboy 10

Hi Ho Silver Away!

Falling through the front door last night after a lovely holiday
I quickly sifted through the mail, putting the
bills and junk mail in a pile for Grant.
And then found what I was looking for -
my postcard from Sue!

This superb layered postcard has a transfer of
 Roy Rogers as The Lone Ranger 
on a transparency which is
over a cactus transfer background.
It's really interesting looking at how Sue has done
these transfers and it produces a great 3D effect
which isn't totally apparent on the scan.

Since looking at Sue's card
I can't help but keep on singing the song by Quantum Jump
(showing my age here, it's from the 1970's!). 

At the time the song was in the charts I was going out with a boy 
who could sing it from memory, including the fast talking bit!

Thank you, Sue.  I love your postcard and it has
brought back some very happy memories ;o)


marigold jam said...

How clever. Mine is the last one and nothing like this one!! You'll have to wait though!

Sue Brown said...

That was a fantastic blast from the past, I loved that song and had forgotten how daring it was. Now I can't get it out of my head...hey ho or should that be hi ho!! I am pleased you liked the card, I really enjoyed making it. X

Menopausalmusing said...

Gosh! Another one here who had forgotten about that song..........
Wonderful post card. Your theme was one of the ones I found "harder", so it has been great to watch what has been produced each time.

bad penny said...

oh this looks great would love to see how it was made ! Hi Ho !

Sue Brown said...

I have been researching further into the Lone Ranger lengend (because I havent got a life!!) and the actor who plays him is Clayton Moore and it isn't Hi Ho, buy Hi Yo....I know I am the only one this matters to, Hi Yo just does not work as well for me.

Enjoy the trivia! X

Jill said...

Yes it is Clayton Moore and Jay Silverheels as Tonto for me. Who can forget the opening theme - Rossini' William Tell and us Hippies had to have a copy of the experimental LP 'Tonto's Expanding Headband' - What a brilliant card!

Chrissie said...

Ah, kimo-sabe!

What a brilliant card bringing back lots of early memories for me...

Bad Penny said...

Just popped back for a listen - mad eh ?!!!

Sue Brown said...

Not mad at all, I think I have had a listen almost everyday if not twice a day. Mmmmm, just love those retro sounds. If you like this you will love Kenny Everett's Captain Kremmen...he's so hunky. X

Joanna said...

But can you do the fast bit without tripping over your tongue?! Captain Kremmen brings back some happy memories, Sue! I used to love Kenny (after all, he was in the 'best possible taste'!).