Saturday, 6 August 2011

Windows No 10

I have had this lovely envelope sitting on my mantlepiece for a week as Jo has gone on what sounds like a fantastic holiday and sent it early. However it was a thing of beauty in itself.

In side was this fabulous collage card of a port hole - another take on a window that hadn't occured to me.
As Jo is taking a cruise I guess there was a little bit of an inspirational moment in anticipation of her hol.

The back of the envelope was just as delightful.

Thank you Jo and I hope you are having a wonderful time.



bad penny said...

Jo's work just gets better & better. I love this.

Chrissie said...

This is such a lovingly-made card, what a nice one for your collection.

Menopausalmusing said...

Yet again, another stunning card from Jo. Such a beautiful, light touch to her work.

Printed Material said...

I love the idea. I love the apparent simplicity of the image. Above all, I love the execution. Flawless as ever.

Jane Housham said...

Yes, gorgeous and so polished, as ever. I hope the skies through the portholes on your cruise were a bit bluer, Jo!