Saturday, 20 August 2011

TEA NO: 11

How good was I??????!
I have had Chrissie's cards on my table for quite some time and
only opened them this morning.
Wasn't it worth the wait!

First up:
a collage of "A Storm In A Teacup"

With a "Twist".

This is the front:

turn it over and it has a tab so that I can make the ship
bob up and down on a stormy sea!!!

next out:
a little card based on the Boston Tea Party..............

Finally a delightful card which Chrissie has
added to with the words "Stands The Church clock at ten to three,
And is there honey still for tea?"

If you click on the card, you will see that Chrissie has cleverly added "real" pinnies with small snippets of fabric and lace......................

and added the message on the back.

A lovely collection to add to the rest of my cards.

Thank You Chrissie.


Joanna said...

3 for the price of 1! 3 great ideas, with the last one being my favourite - I LOVE those little pinnies!

marigold jam said...

Spoilt for choice there eh?! Love all of them.

Chrissie said...

What a good girl you are - I believe you!!

Jill said...

It is amazing the way the ideas keep on flowing - just like a big tea pot of inspiration!(Sorry about that) A great finale to your collection.

Printed Material said...

Three for the price of one! What a great deal that is. I love the ladies in their aprons. That is such a lovely idea. My immediate thought was to look for a you tube link for that song for you instead of you doing it for us.... wasn't it the Fortunes ... or was it Lynsey de Paul (showing my age....)

Bad Penny said...

Storm in a teacup is a great idea & beautifully made.
I love the last quite & haven't heard it for years.