Saturday, 6 August 2011


As usual Lesley who made my tenth card didn't stop at one card but went so much further!  There was a lovely card depicting a boat on the sea (not made by Lesley) in which she said that she had wanted to make something local to me here in the West Country and/or something with a French theme.  She certainly succeeded with both!

 Notice that on the back of the donkey card she has added a quote - from a Ladybird book perhaps?  And see the stamp even has donkeys on it too!

 Here is one of the lovely cards showing swimsuits blowing on the line against a background map of my local coastline!

 This is the French themed one telling me not to forget my swimsuit when I set off on holiday - I certainly wouldn't if I had the figure like the lady in the photo!!

But that's not all - included in the package were these delightful little beach shoes made of card and paper - soles are corrugated card (non-slip!),  the inner soles a sand printed paper and the uppers each with a beach theme - I wish I could get my size 7s into them!!

And last but not least a magnetic photo holder so I can put selected postcards on the fridge!

Many thanks - milles mercis Lesley - once again you have come up trumps!!


Jill said...

What a delight Jane, love the little beach shoes.
Lesley has come up trumps.

Menopausalmusing said...

BRILLIANT! Only that Lesley could come up with all these glorious ideas. My favourite is the swimming costumes on the washing line.

Jane Housham said...

Gosh, there's just so much here! Bravo, Lesley, another fantastic and overflowing response to the theme. Love it all.

Gina said...

Just delightful... every single one. And I adore those cute little sandals

Joanna said...

Love those cozzies on the line! Clever interpretation of your theme.

And all the bonus goodies........super!

bad penny said...

What a lovely collection. I adore the swimming costumes !

Chrissie said...

Goodness what a wonderful collection to illustrate your theme. I sometimes wonder if Lesley ever sleeps!!