Saturday, 23 July 2011

Yee Ha! Ride 'em Cowboy 9

I have been such a good girl.
The sweat was beading on my brow.
My fingers were twitching.
My eyes kept returning to that spot
on the dining room table where
Lesley's package was sitting, waiting.
It had arrived on Friday
and she had emailed to say that she expected me to be 
disciplined and not open it until this morning.
Now if she hadn't emailed I could have got away with it
but she had so 
I had to behave.

At last, this morning, having dropped
off grunting son at his Saturday job,
I could open up my bundle of treasure.

And what treasure it all is.

Lesley researched this subject extensively
and finally settled on a 
Cowgirl theme.
Her postcard is of Belle Starr
(don't you love her cartoon speech bubble "Yee Ha!"?).

Lesley also made a book for me.
A book!
It's of Gun 'toting Women.

There are lots more pages but this will give you the idea.........

(Back cover)

Lesley very kindly enclosed a Ladybird book
(I am a huge fan of Ladybird books)
'The Story of the Cowboy'.
I haven't got this one and it is a real treat.......... is my wonderfully camp sheriff's badge!

Finally, she also enclosed a super
stand up of
Annie Oakley
(she went and got her gun).

Funnily enough, when I took the photo of this
my camera detected that she had blinked!

thank you so much for all the time
and effort you have put into my theme.
Everything that you have created is superb.


bad penny said...

What a wonderful bundle of goodies Jo for you to Yee Ha ! over. I love the aged book. I rekon the cowgirls were a tough bunch !

Gina said...

What a fantastic parcel of gorgeous goodies!

Menopausalmusing said...

Wonderfully researched! I want a Sheriff's badge like that. Love the way Lesley has chosen "Cowboy" fonts too. This title was one of the ones I worried over in the early days and so it has been great to see how people have responded to it.

Jane Housham said...

Wow, it's the card that just keeps on coming. So many wonderful things to look at. I love it.

marigold jam said...

Lesley has again raised the bar to new heights here. I still have this one to do but don't expect me to reach these dizzy heights! The work and research which has gone into this is amazing.

Jill said...

Yee ha that is some package! What a wonderful collection.

Jee said...

Another great take on your theme - it's really bringing out the ideas. Super stuff here, Lesley.

Chrissie said...

Thoroughly thought-out and executed with care, imagination and lots of humour ... must be Lesley!!