Monday, 11 July 2011


Literally just back from a long weekend in Snowdon to find this great set of cards.
 Cathy has gone to a great deal of trouble having wrestled this tin from her husband, driving over it.
Then making and rusting this wire wool bird with magic rusting potion. And pre planned as the rusting process is catalogued photographically on the rest of the cards. Weeks of work, thankyou Cathy it is a triumph.


Jane Housham said...

Gosh, that looks amazing. It's taken me ages to work out that the tags/cards aren't actually made of rusty tin -- they're not, are they? It's a photo of a rusty tin, a few times over, yes? Amazing and very ver effective. Rusty birdy very touching too.

Jill said...

OMG! I absolutely thought they were all flattened tins until I read Jane's comment and zoomed in - what a wonderful piece!

Joanna said...


Great interpretation of 'Rust'. I've just read Cathy's blog post about making these - it's really funny!

Gina said...

Brilliant! I thought they were rusty tins too

Chrissie said...

They're so good! I did worry about Cathy's car tyres though!!