Saturday, 25 June 2011

Angels seven

Sue's delightful card
for my Angels theme arrived.
It's so delicate
with a beautiful Angel
printed onto transparent paper
on a stunning background including
gold leaf.
One of Sue's  wonderful butterflies
- or is it a moth
flits in the corner.

Thank you Sue,
it's lovely.


Menopausalmusing said...

Trasparent paper and gold leaf........... lovely combination. Lovely card.

Joanna said...

Beautiful card, love the gold leaf with the transparency.

Gina said...

Very pretty and ethereal.

Jee said...

Super card, love the gold on the transparency.

Chrissie said...

dreamy medieval look to this which I love.

Jill said...

Another beautiful take on the angel theme - what next?

Printed Material said...

Lovely stuff from Sue. No surprise there then.