Saturday, 14 May 2011

Yee Ha! Ride 'em Cowboy 4

I just love this!

Using the wonderful images and colours of vintage comic books, Jane has created a wonderful postcard for me.  She explains in an accompanying card that the sheet music ("I'm a poor lonesome cowboy.....") belonged to her granny.  I love personal details like this - makes it all the more special.  Jane also told me that this was her first attempt at gel transfers - but you'd never know because they turned out so well!

Jane also enclosed a wonderful facsimile of an old cardboard toy that she has.

The cowboy rider is sitting on a pencil stub attached to the back of the horse and he rocks gently to simulate horse riding (with the aid of strategically placed blu tak!). 
Clever, huh?!

Thank you so much Jane for the thought and creativity for this postcard and bonus 'toy'.

I am receiving such a wide variety of creations for my theme, 
and I can honestly say that I'm loving each and every one of 'em!

Thank you!



Gina said...

Fabulous... I really need to get my head around this one!

Jee said...

Great card. This is one of themes where I know what I want to do - if I can do it, of course! I love the 'riding' cowboy.

Menopausal musing said...

Brilliant! This is one of the most challenging of titles....... loving seeing what is being produced.

Chrissie said...

Aren't those high-kicking cowgirls great! This is a bit daunting for my next title .....

bad penny said...

Great fun & a lovely card for your collection.

Jill said...

Can we expect a bit of a song round the camp fire? (But I am not thinking boy scouts here - I blame Cathy)

Printed Material said...

You've had the benefit of some of Jane's great collections of ephemera here Jo. It is a stunner isn't it? Your topic is a great one and I am itching for it to come around sooner but will have to exercise patience. I doubt any of us will top this wonderful offering though.