Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Water 5

I was beginning to think I was fated - my card to Jane was last to arrive in the previous round and here I was without a card this time.  Unfair, I thought - especially as my card from this time only had to come a few miles!
Just when I'd given up on the postman today, this beautifully embroidered card arrived from Joanna. 

 The quote: 'I desired to get beyond the sea' , comes from John Dowland, the Elizabethan composer, musician and courtier - very apt for this household where husband is mad about early music and has suitable instruments to play it on.   

It's such a lovely serene combination of blues and swirly wave patterns.  Just lovely, Jo.  thank you.

Jane E


Joanna said...

I really like the water movement in the stitching and that's a perfect quote too.

Menopausal musing said...

At last they (the cards) are all in, despite trying times re postal services and blog blips! An original interpretation of the theme.

Gina said...

Beautiful rhythmic stitching... just like swirling water.

bad penny said...

Very calm & soothing

Jill said...

I guess it came in with the tide - lovely swirls.