Saturday, 28 May 2011

Rust five

I'll post my pictures I took
before I sent Sue her
Rust card
as Sue is stuck,
and I can't see Jo's pictures !!!
Madness !

I used fabric I had left
from the Erosion Bundle project,
rusty objects I found & liked
particularly the one with the star
and a sweet rusted spade someone gave me
in a Blog swap.

Then I made a label and added the


Joanna said...

This is so gorgeous, I love all that rust! Superb use of materials from the erosion project.

Sorry you couldn't see the pictures in the post I tried to do for Sue, but I'm glad you were able to show this postcard in all its glory.

Jane Housham said...

Real rust -- I'm so impressed! Great card.

Sue Brown said...

Thanks Jo, good job...I love the little spade and I especially like the bit of rusty metal you included with the card.. I might have to ask everyone to do this with the cards you send me until Blog spot releases me from its clutches. XX

Joanna said...

Actually Sue, in the end Penny did this post. I tried, but the pictures weren't visible :o(


marigold jam said...

Love it - real rust eh?!


Jill said...

Fabulous work of art - love that little spade, one to treasure.

Menopausal musing said...

Another one here who loves that little spade. A great card again.

bad penny said...

I started with a little figure standing in the water & added rusty tin hearts for wings & a caption, 'Come out of the water... or your wings will rust'
but it didn't work.
Then I remembered the spade & erosion project stuff !

Gina said...

Another fabulous interpretation... this one is my sticking point!

Jee said...

Like Gina, this one is going to make me think! Great interpretation, Penny.

Printed Material said...

Great interpretation Penny. I am also a fan of that spade! I suspect Sue would like to use it on Blogger at the moment... Lesley

Chrissie said...

Beautifully done, with very timely message!