Sunday, 17 April 2011

Waiting for the postman!

Just to let you know I haven't disappeared and I will show you my card - when I get it!  I have had an e-mail from joanna to let me know it will arrive late as she has been on holiday and only posted it yesterday.  So I still have mine to look forward to.

(Marigold Jam)

PS Have just realised that I have commented on everyone's cards using the name Postman's Knock instead of Marigold Jam - sorry!  I will get it sorted by the 12th card perhaps


Jill said...

We know who you are!

bad penny said...

he he, I commented as the Postman in the last round.. I thought he'd joined us !
Joanna very sweetly emailed me to say that my card to her has arrived but she's been away.

Loving the second delivery !