Saturday, 16 April 2011

Taking Flight 2

My card from Jane arrived yesterday but I restrained myself and opened it this morning (albeit early) on the due date. See, I can be disciplined when I need to be! It is another perfect card for me but then, Jane knows my love of maps, so she's cleverly picked the right background and added one of my favourite birds, the swallow. Every year I anticipate the return of the swallows that nest in my little outbuilding and one of them flew in  last night so both of my swallows came on the same day. That's fate isn't it? The card is 'so me'. Thanks Jane, it has found a welcome home here.


bad penny said...

It's the early bird that gets the worm !

How lovely - the freshness of the card & the link with your swallows.
My mother had House Martins nesting in her window frame. They made a terrible mess as their nests are made up from mud but they were a delight to watch.
A lovely start to postcard delivery two !

Menopausal musing said...

How VERY appropriate to have your card arrive on the same day as your first swallow...... A delightful card and so RIGHT for you. I am sitting here tapping my fingers waiting for postie...:O)))))))

Jill said...

Wonderful convergence of swallows and a perfect image to illustrate the occasion.
Not expecting our swifts for at ... knock knock ... it's the postman, he is early today!!
Oooh a package - see you all later.

Jee said...

Lovely colour combinations here. I'm sure you're thrilled with it, Lesley

Joanna said...

Clever postcard - love the use of the map, and that's a sweet feather tucked under the definition.

What a coincidence about the arrival of the swallows!

Gina said...

This is delightful.


Glad you liked it Lesley.


Chrissie said...

Just right for the lady!