Saturday, 30 April 2011

Angels number three

Luckily our postman listens to an ipod
or he would have heard me
squeal & run to the front door earlier !

Cathy's package arrived
& was quickly opened
to reveal
What a laugh.

This is the
 Cathy added
 and yes,
I've been singing it all morning !

Homer  and Marge
are made from wonderful yellow felt
& Marge's hair is amazing !

A very unlikely pair of Angels...
thank you Cathy
who ended her message to me with,
Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!


marigold jam said...

As usual something completely different and quirky from Cathy - love it!!


Jill said...

Cathy, you're a genius, what a brilliant take on this theme! My fave so far for divergent thinking.

Jee said...

What fun - trust Cathy to find a new twist! Lovely card.

Gina said...

Wonderful... and so very "Cathy".

Joanna said...

Great fun - and now I'm going to be singing that song all day!!

Marge's hair is wonderful!

Chrissie said...

the girl's a genius!

Printed Material said...

Having just spent a weekend with Cathy I think Penny got off lightly....