Friday, 4 November 2011

The Christmas "do"

Well its that time of year again and its time to think of whether we want a Christmas "do"
You know party frocks and smart hair.
I left a suggestion that we could do something at Christmas. I am not the worlds best organiser but I  have been looking around and we have a few menu options to choose from.

Option 1 ( The Swanky Hotel and Spa break)

We each design a card based on our own theme. We make/print out 11 identical  cards and send them though the snail mail. We set a date and receive a lovely set of cards just before the big event.

Option 2 ( The local pub for a pie and a pint)

We each design a card based on our own theme and email it to everyone. People can print out if they wish.

Option 3 ( A bag of chips and a bottle of cider at the local park)

We each design a card for our theme and post it onto the postmans knock blog for all to see.

Option 4 ( A takeaway and a glass of wine at home)

Sorry, I would love to participate but I just do not have the time.

Leave a comment and then we can decide which one to book.


Wednesday, 24 August 2011


I am back of my hols and the card from Jo has finally caught up with me. You have already seem a picture which is a good job as I cant seem to load my picture. Here is a bit of the envelope instead!
I have thoroughly enjoyed this swap and send my thanks to everyone to help me build up my newest and one of my favourite collections. I have so many ideas |I want to pursue inspired by them but also so many ideas form the cards I sent out. Its has been a great help to have someone to send it to rather than just doing my own thing in my own little space for my own pleasure?

so the only thing left to say is thank you.

oh yes and what next?
 a Christmas card swap?!

Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Thank You

                                                                Thank you very much

 Postman's Knock !

It's been fun,
& wonderful to see and receive
the wonderful postcards
from everyone.

I haven't caught up with all of the last round yet
but will soon.

This is Bad Penny
signing out
and saying,

until next time !

Sunday, 21 August 2011

New York, New York -- last one

It's Jane H posting this one -- all a bit topsy-turvy as this is about the card I've made for Chrissie. But Chrissie's on holiday until next week and has just emailed me and said would I post a photo of my card for her. It feels a bit wrong to do so, but I feel Postman's Knock is coming to its natural endpoint, so I'll put up a couple of pics now.
     I thought I'd only taken one photo of my 'Make Your Own Manhattan Skyline' kit but I discover I have a before and an after shot, so here goes:
Take one quiet, wooded island. Add skyscrapers... (in the slots)
I really really enjoyed making this one!

Saturday, 20 August 2011

TEA NO: 11

How good was I??????!
I have had Chrissie's cards on my table for quite some time and
only opened them this morning.
Wasn't it worth the wait!

First up:
a collage of "A Storm In A Teacup"

With a "Twist".

This is the front:

turn it over and it has a tab so that I can make the ship
bob up and down on a stormy sea!!!

next out:
a little card based on the Boston Tea Party..............

Finally a delightful card which Chrissie has
added to with the words "Stands The Church clock at ten to three,
And is there honey still for tea?"

If you click on the card, you will see that Chrissie has cleverly added "real" pinnies with small snippets of fabric and lace......................

and added the message on the back.

A lovely collection to add to the rest of my cards.

Thank You Chrissie.


Last but not least - my card from  Gina.   Seems a long time since I sent her my first card.  The flower and watering can are fabric and embroidery and the newspaper cuttings relate to water rationing and drought.  There's a thoughtful contrast between the main images and the background.  It makes a great addition to my collection,  Gina, thank you.
This has been a great project - meeting blogging friends (some in person and I hope I might meet some others in time) making me dust off my rusty artistic skills - and recognising my own limitations.  Sad that this is the last, but just as well for me as I've just broken my arm(hence rather poor photo!), so making will be difficult for the next few weeks.  Meanwhile, I'll still be reading all your blogs and keeping up with you.

Closing Window

Here's looking at you...

What a delightful card from Joanne to finish off with.  Beautifully hand stitched and a quote from James Joyce.
I have had the envelope for over a week now as Joanne is away and she sent it early. It is hard to believe I sent Joanne my first offering way back in April. Thank you everyone, what delightful collections we all have acquired.
Jill x

Yee Ha! The Final Ride.............

Here we are then, pardners from the Postman's Knock posse.  
It's been a long journey
and I think some of us might have got a little 
saddle sore along the way.
But we've made it to the creek and we can now relax
and look back at all that we have achieved.

Jane's Yee Ha! postcard has a superb finale feel to it.
The tooled leather background paper is fab
and the colours of those spa-like towels and soaps
go just perfectly with the fun image of the bathing cowboys
(hats 'n' all!).

Jane also told me about a website she had found 
while researching images for her postcard

check it out, girls!

Thank you EVERYONE for your wonderful mini artworks.
This project has, at times, stretched me but I've really enjoyed the 
experience.  I have also 'met' some super new blogging buddies.

So for a final time,

"Yee Ha!  Ride 'em Cowboy!!"

Taking Flight.... journey over

Here is my final card. It seems ages ago that I sent Jane the first offering for 'water' and now it's all come full circle. Jane has been waiting I think to use this poem called 'Easter Wings' by George Herbert. My reproduction of the words photographed poorly but they are printed on the winged shapes on the card . Another surprising angle on the theme and it is truly delightful. Thank you Jane. I shall add it to my collection and store it with all my other precious Postman's Knock cards. It's been huge fun. Thanks girls!

Friday, 19 August 2011

Collections/Collecting 11

Joanna T is away on holiday and she asked if I would 
post about her postcard which has been made by me (the other Joanna).

It seemed appropriate to take the PK
postcard collection as my inspiration for
this final postcard of her chosen theme.

Penny's 'Overhead' card -- the last one

This is Penny's 'Overhead' card. Not too far overhead as it is a sweet washing line, hung with a minuscule card for every one of us in the Postman's Knock swap. I really like the idea of the last card I was lucky enough to have made for me being a momento of the whole event. It was quite hard to scan, so I apologise for the less than sparkly image.
I sense a certain relief that the months of the swap have reached their culmination, so I will stop banging on about 'Twelfth card, anyone?' It's been fantastic and thank you to everyone who's taken part. I've 'met' (and met) some really lovely people.
Jane x

Thank you all

Cathy has already said it far better than I can but let me just add my thanks to everyone for taking part in Postman's Knock for the past few months. There have been some memorable cards made and blogging  friendships forged and it's been great to read all the comments every time we've posted, especially those from followers not involved in the swap. Thank you all for tagging along! Lesley x

Last Seaside/Coast card

My last postcard arrived from Sue yesterday - I must admit I didn't recognise the man in the photo who is apparently the presenter of the programme Coast on TV.  Having asked Sue for the significance of the man I can now fully appreciate where she was coming from with this card which has the presenter's picture printed on a clear acetate sheet and this is attached to the map showing a part of the British coast and a label with the title Coast attached as you can see.  Many thanks Sue and sorry you picked a rare TV watcher for this one!!  It hardly seems like yesterday we started this postcard swap does it the time has flown by.  It's been an interesting experience and though at times I have felt completely out of my depth and certainly outside my comfort zone I have learned a lot and am glad I joined in.  It will be strange not having the fortnightly deadline now won't it?


Lesley thankyou for the lovely cards and the really imaginative take on the subject rust.
 I am very touched by this card in particular, it shows great wit and a such insight into my personality, how well you know me and my passions.
 As you have all realised I love what rust does to metal, peeling paint, faded fabrics, the look of vintage all make my mouth water. I know a few of you have been challenged by my topic(as I have by some of yours!!) so thankyou to everyone who has taken on the rust challenge...and won.
And remember Lesley's message...Lay not treasures up for yourself on earth...

THANK YOU.................


(Music:  Alfred Bendl: Schubert Impromptu Opus 90 No:  3)
(and no, I don't have ANY musical knowledge: this just happened to "fit")